Wild Bird Rescue


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As my mother’s yard used to be a bird sancutary of of feeders, houses, and bird baths, I was able to find an injured bird here or there to nuture and grew to love doing it.

If you find a bird?
Does it have downy feathers, eyes open?- Leave it on the ground. This is a fledgling. Once birds get bigger they fall from the nest and the mother is still feeding them. This is not injured and does not need help. It is completely natural for the baby bird to be on the ground and unfortunately this is the way of life. By taking care of it you are doing it more harm by taking it from its mother on the last few days it is learning the most important lesson on learning to fly. Please put your dog/cats inside!

If however, your bird is naked, no feathers, eyes closed, or a nest has fallen on the ground- please contact a wild bird group! Keep it warm, away from direct sunlight. I put it in a box with cloth, covered and closed with a warm light on the outside careful not to have light on the bird. It cant move so it wont be able to get away from the direct heat.

Please find a baby bird key to help identify, some birds have different diets!

I plan to make my own but this one will suffice http://www.2ndchance.info/babybirdphotos.htm

PS- “The mother wont come back if you touch it” Is a complete lie! It is not true for birds. They actually have a weak sense of smell!


Hummingbirds back in Texas!


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Saw my first hummingbird at the tops of the trees in my complex today- time to take the feeder back out!

Easy Nectar that they LOVE

3 parts water to 1 part sugar! No dye please!

I am experimenting with organic sugar.. it made my nectar brown which may not seem too pleasing, but lets see how they like it! I also planted a new honeysuckle vine and cant wait for the trumpetvine to bloom
Any other tricks out there, birds?

Raising the Nest


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The Cornell Lab of Ornithology hosts live feed footage of various nests throughout America, including Eastern Bluebirds fledglings and newly laid Kestrel eggs. Watching these videos through the computer is however, nothing compared to the hard work it took to raise a nest myself. This past month I was able to raise my own coop of house wrens until they flew out to the world on their own. Received at about 5 days old, a few kids brought the nest to school insisting their father didn’t want it in their roof (jerk). Attached is a video of their journey in our home!

Bird Video

Found a nest/eggs? Identify here

Fledglings are here!


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With summer dawning near, I have been getting tons of calls on people finding baby birds on the ground!

These birds are not injured, they are learning to fly!

Please if you find one, don’t move it, the parents are feeding it until it will fly within the next few day. Many assume birds are abandoned, but in most cases this is never the case. If possible put it back in the nest, or leave it where its found.
Keep you cats/dogs indoors!

If the baby you find has these characteristics, its a fledgling.
If its eyes are closed and its feathers are not grown in, or the parents have not been by to take care of it, please call a rescue group!

PS- Its a myth that when you touch a bird, the parents will abandon it! Birds actually have a very weak sense of smell!